My daughter was christened lately, and of course, this was the perfect occasion to make something a little more festve for her. I decided againsta traditional christening gown, though, and adapted a rather easy dress-pattern from ottobre design. I added some length, an extra musselin-layer and a little rickrack. I also wanted to make a bonnet for her and searched forever for a pattern until I stumbled upon a book called „Patchwork for Baby“ in the library, which featured a christening gown and bonnet – perfect! I adapted the pattern, using rickrack again, but kept the beautiful cathedral windows from the original. It was my first try on that particular type of patchwork – I love the way it turned out, though:


The blue-and-white fabric is a mixture of kapok and cotton – beautifully light and soft. And since my son has not nearly profitted enough from his mother’s sewing, I made a shirt for him from very similar fabric, only differently patterned:


Hope you like these!


PS: Hats up next…