It’s been two years today,

that I published my first entry on this blog. It was meant to document my ventures into the world of sewing. Looking back on my (few and far between) posts, projects have changed from childrens‘ clothing to crafts that just happened to be sewn. There have been blankets, pillows, bags, costumes for mardi gras, and even a doll. All these things, I made for people very dear and special to me.

Thad said, today might be a day as good as any to publish a project NOT made from fabric but from yarn:


Ms. turtle has won me over completely and now officially holds the place of my favourite project on the blog.

I made the turtle following these instructions. I am so happy about how it turned out – I added two or three extra rounds to the body, though, because I feared it would be too small for the shell. The shell can be taken off, I only added one button to the little vest, though – it’s well enough to hold things together.

Turtle belly

However, there is one major adjustment, because I added this:

This makes the turtle a musicbox. I covered the pullout in single crochets and it’s now the turtle’s little tail. The music box itself is hidden inside the body and when you pull out the little tail it plays this:

Canon in D by Pachelbel

To view the turtle in full action, yet another picture with pulled-out tail:

Turtle back

The shell is made from seven tiles – one center and 6 sides, I sewed them together with a darning needle and matching thread.

This hasn’t been the first time I crocheted something – I’ve made at least two hats previously – but it’s certainly the most complex project I’ve taken on crochet-wise. I’ve found crocheting to be easy, fast and a lot of fun and I love what can be made – all those stuffed animals! Makes me almost sad that my kids have so many stuffed animals already – my son loved the turtle, though and wants one for himself.

Until I make that, though, I’m busy with some baby gear and mardi gras is just around the corner – so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for dropping in here over the last two years, I’m happy to be able to share my crafts with you!