Odds and Ends


Why keeping tiny scrabs of fabric prooves valuable

It’s not any easier to find an appropriate first birthday present for a third child than it is for a second. Fabric dolls however where ruled out because that has already been the Christmas present:

Fabric doll

But we still had a wooden toddle wagon around which both our older children used when making their first steps. So how about turning that into a little stroller for dolls?

Toddle Waggon

All it needed was some bedding and that’s where the fabric scraps came in handy that I tend to hoard from previous projects. I simply cut squares 10 x 10 cm, arranged them in a 4 x 5 rectangle and made a little quilt top.

For the backing I used the village fabric from my last baby blanket and after quilting some quite crooked diagonals used up my polka dot binding strips left over from that same blanket.

Finally, I made a little two sided pillow to go with it – simply stuffed with some polyester filling – a jam funnel comes in quite handy!

Such a fun, fulfilling and quick little project – it took all but one afternon!

Happy birthday to the smallest member of the family!