The day before yesterday I posted this picture on facebook:

Crayon case back

and asked people what it was. I got some nice (and some funny) comments. Most people obviously believe us to be in need of laptop/tablet cases ;). That’s not what this is, though. This project was inspired by Sewing for boys, which I recently bought. And it is a gift to a little boy just turned big brother:

crayon case inside

I figured new brothers need presents, too, and new parents something to occupy them with  – enter the „to-go-artist“. It houses crayons, paper and has room to slip in a book, scissors, sharpeners or whatever the artist needs!

I added some leftover elephant fabric on the front and back and put my sewing machines fancy stitches to work:

Crayon case front

Instead of velcro for the closing, I used a button – oldfashioned, but working nonetheless and not as likely to get caught in something.

Wouldn’t you want one? I would!


PS: Little sister got something, too:

Hat for girls