Going to the chapel, and we’re….

… gonna throw flowers! Which is customary in Germany for a wedding. The wedding was that of my husband’s cousin and our children had the pleasure of being in charge of the throwing together with their second cousin. (That chart is very helpful, indeed!)

I had planned to make a dress for my daughter. When I heard about the flower girl part, I jumped at the opportunity to make coordinated dresses for both girls and a shirt and tie for my son. I adapted Ottobre-patterns for the dresses. One of the girls is about to be 3 years old and her dress looks like this:

Flower girl dress

It has a twirly skirt and two underskirts, one from cotton and one from tulle. And it looks much better in person! ­čśë

The other little girl is a little over two and wore this dress:

Flower girl dress 2

It’s made from the same fabric as the other one, but the skirt is different – straight and gathered at the waist. And it had to have a petticoat. I figured that a petticoat on a two-year old was not going to stay where it was supposed to be, so I sewed the musselin and tulle layers to an elastic wide waistband and that onto a onesie. It looks a bit like a tutu:


And it makes the dress all nice and puffy – better to be seen from below:

Dress and underskirt

And last but not least, I also made a shirt and tie for my son. What’s noticeable is that he let me make his tie from leftover fabric from the dresses (he usually doesn’t really like pinkish colours) and has even worn it again since the wedding.


You know what I’d love to have? A dressform for kids – it would have to be adjustable, though…

Anyway, enough for tonight – do you like coordinating clothes on children?