… as in birthday present and ikea-hack! Come to think of it, there has been a lamp shade a while back, but let’s not count beans, agreed?

Anyway, for my little girl’s (she’s not all that little anymore – include mother’s sigh here, please) second birthday I took this:

Ikea Poang Kindersessel

and turned it into this:

Poang enhanced 1

The entire project was pretty straight forward: I took the chairs slipcover (the part you can easily take off and wash) apart and used part of it to make my new version. I skipped the little head cushion – I think it gets in the way of the chair’s otherwise clear lines – and since my daughter isn’t that tall, her head wouldn’t reach up to it anyway.

I originally intended to leave the chairs supporting fabric as it was, but then didn’t like the plain beige polyethylene. So I used that as a template and made a similar version from the cotton fabric I’d also picked up at Ikea. This will probably be a lot less durable but I figured I can just exchange it when it gets worn. I wouldn’t do this with an adult’s chair, though, for safety reasons. I love the chairs backside the way it looks now:

Poang enhanced 2

What do you think?

Have a great summer!