What a couch really needs …

… is a lovely pillow!

Here are some that I’ve made:

log-cabin pillow 1

log-cabin pillow 2

These were for my sister. And I also made one for my son to go with his sister’s blanket and to add to the blue and green accents in the nursery:

log-cabin pillow 3

As you can tell, these are all made adapting the log-cabin quilt pattern. I like the fact that you don’t really have to have a pattern designed when you get started but can make it up as you go along. I start by making the „face“ side, almost like a little quilt complete with batting and lining and then treat that as it were a regular peace of fabric and ad the back side of the pillow case. Quilting the front makes for some nice accents: either just because the seems are there or because of some contrasting thread.

Hope you have a beautiful pillow around to make your couch even more comfortable!