2009 christmas project leaving one question…

… what am I going to do next year? Or maybe I’ll abandon the concept of an every-year christmas project altogether, since it really is rather time consuming – we’ll see.

Now, to this last year’s project without further delay:


And yes, these are aprons (and two bibs for the smaller girls). I sent them out a little early to give the kids a chance to use them during all that pre-christmas baking. As I did with these hats the year before, I tried to make each apron a little different from the others by way of bias binding.

Now, I’m just throwing an IKEA-lampshade I covered in the mix before I’m done for today – it’s now hanging in our nursery.


So much for sewing today. Now a little thinking-out-loud: Not only am I asking my self whether I should abandon some projects but also whether I should stop blogging – it feels like talking into thin air without anyone noticing… So if you’re reading this, let me know and comment!