Well, apologizing for not blogging seems to become a habit of mine – maybe I should just update a little more often. But, even though I’ve been lazy blog-wise, I’ve done some serious sewing! Have a look:

Baby girl's clothes

Should you now think that these are presents for yet another newborn in my acquaintance you’re only partly right: They are, in fact, for my own little girl! Once I found out that I was having a girl I looked at all the Ottobre design magazines from a completely different point of view, all those LOVELY dresses! I’ve made a little reversible jacket and one bonnet from each of those fabrics (I couldn’t find a pattern though, so I had to take apart an old bonnet I had to find out how to do this and I promise to upload my sketches and instructions as soon as I manage to scan them.) I also had some fabric leftover from the blanket I made earlier and I made a dress which I hope will still fit for the christening.

Since we’ve been invited to a wedding I tried to make a dress for myself (and failed). That’s why I ended up buying a grey dress and making a jacket to go with it. That achieved I couldn’t help going for a mother-daughter combination (I promise I won’t do that too often, though) and made a nice little dress from the same fabric. You just have to love the fact that my machine can actually sew those little stars.

So long,