… twice? Well, until recently I would have agreed without constraint. Then I found out, that there are things that just seemed to be designed to be made several times. After I’d made this shopping bag for my friend’s little boy I figured that something like this makes a nice gift for a child on any occasion. So I made two for kindergarden friends of my son’s who had a birthday party. We put a little picture book in one of them and a wooden domino game in the other one. Of course, the kids appreciated the insides more than the packaging! Anyway, their parents liked them and I hope that someday, the children will, too. The bags looked pretty much like the one I’ve made before:


There’s another pattern I decided to give a second shot – although I altered it a bit. I have to admit that I really like the classic  burberry check pattern, and I’ve looked for a fabric that looked a little like that to make a dress for a little girl. Then one day, I found a check patterned fabric in a fabric store I regularly visit. I decided to  use the pattern of the only girl’s dress I’d made so far. I added a little lace to the checks otherwise tending to look a little boring.

Kleid1And I opted for a dark blue cotton lining. Just then, it occured to me that I could make the dres reversible, which I did. Therefore it now looks on its other side like what my husband calls a typical Sunday School dress:


So, I do hope, this is different enough from what I’ve made before for my best friend’s little girl – who by now, of course, has grown out of it!

I have a couple of things „in store“ that I’m going to post sometime later this week, so check back!