I recently needed a little something for a friend’s boy, 11 months old. I didn’t want to buy a toy, but rather craft something that wasn’t clothes. Then I remembered, that my own little boy always wanted to carry the shopping basket once he’d started walking. Unfortunately those baskets don’t usually come in the right size for toddlers. That’s why I sometimes took a little bag for him – making grocery shopping a lot more fun because we don’t have to fight about the basket any longer! So I decided to make a shopping bag, something I’d never done before but figured that it should be rather easy. I wanted to apply the little boys name on it so it was genuinely his. Thanks to these instructions and Anette Truong’s alphabet pattern (which I had to scale down a bit) I came up with my very first craft made without a ready-to-start-pattern from some store or magazine. By the way, sewing this kind of bag is really easy – I’m sure going to make more!

That’s it for now,