… and since I’m stuck with this Vintage Vogue pattern, I decided to post my – so far – favorite as a cheer-up. It is a dress I made for my best friend’s baby girl largely following an (who would have guessed?) Ottobre design pattern and looks like this:


Isn’t it sweet?

I didn’t follow the original pattern word by word but changed a few things. Firstly, I decided to go for Babycord (a corduroy fabric with very fine wales) instead of velvet. Secondly, I decided to make the bias bindings myself from the fabric I used as interfacing. I did this by simply cutting bands in a 45°-angle and folding them. Being done, I was sorry I hadn’t cut the interfacing itself the same way – I really like the way the squares look in the bindings. I also assembled the bow in a different way than Ottobre told me to: I made a ring from my bias band and then put just one longer band around it. I put it all together using my sewing machine’s button-fastening function. I do love that machine, really… The last change I owe to my natural lazyness (as my grandmother already observed when I was a little girl I’m using long threads, which makes me lazy according to a german saying: Kurze Fädchen, fleiß’ge Mädchen, lange Faden, faule Maden!) I didn’t want to have to sew the interfacing in place by hand, so I did this before I added the bias binding. This way, there’s three threads on the inside instead of just two – but I can live with that, especially since nobody’s ever gonna see it!

That’s all I changed, other than that I just went with the pattern, and I liked the outcome very much – I find it very girlish yet not too kitschy.

I’ll keep you posted about the Vintage Vogue pattern (once I get on with it)!